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1200 Mics

Psychedelic trance band 1200 Micrograms (also known as 1200 Mics, or 1300 Mics) was formed in 1999, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The group comprises Riktam Matkin, Bansi Quinteros, Raja Ram and Chicago. The name 1200 Micrograms comes from a Raja Ram taking a 1200 microgram dose of LSD while working on the groups first album. Their music is known for the heavy use of guitars and a focus on themes related to the places where they sampled drugs. In 2002, they released their debut album, 1200 Micrograms. All album's tracks about "Ayahuasca", "Hashish", "Mescaline", "LSD", "Marijuana", "Ecstasy", "Magic Mushrooms", "Salvia Divinorum" and "DMT". From our site you may download this album by 1200 Micrograms in mp3 from our site. Their following album, Heroes of the Imagination, was released in 2003. This album contains the 2003 party hit, "Acid for Nothing", a trance remix of Dire Straits' Money for Nothing (the track also replaced the phrase "I want my MTV" with "I want my LSD").

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Even Though

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Blood Like Lemonade

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